ICT Cluster Meeting
14 March 2008

Present: Deborah Craig, Paul Ramsey, Adrian Smith, Marilyn Dunn, Terry Roberts, Yaron Overeem, Judy Eagles
Apologies: Nil

  • Financial report – Financial report for year ending 2007 & expenditure 2008 tabled. Loss 2007 $1209.77 included $25,000 payment from milestone 4, which was paid in January.
2008 expenditure $10.464.10 with no income until April. Currently overspent by $11673.77.
There has been a change to the original payment dates, with each payment now a month later. Will follow this up with ICT PD director.
Schools asked not to claim for teacher release until at least term 2.
  • 2008 Programme& action plan – contract variation given to each school with action plan, payment dates & budget etc outlined. Digital copy to be emailed to schools.
  • Learning at Schools conference feedback – Yaron presented feedback from Learning @ Schools conference which lead teachers attended. (tabled report). Provided excellent motivation for lead teachers & a time for them to build as a team. They were all very positive & keen to get back into schools & try things out. Further information is available on the cluster wiki.
  • Programme to date – 2008 programme overview tabled. Focus is less skills based, more ideas based and how this can be implemented into planning.
Teachers have own goals & action plans developed with Yaron. 1 to 1 time followed by modelling and/or teacher observation & feedback is being undertaken in most schools & seems to be working well.
  • Development of school/staff action plans – As above & Yaron to provide principals with feedback in relation to action plans & goals relevant to each school.
  • National Facilitator meetings & key dates 2008 – Regional, local dates for year
  • Teacher Only Day organisation – copy of key dates given to each school. NB Nov management meeting should be 7 Nov not 6 Nov.
  • Lead teacher dates & focus – as above. Focus has been set from conference interest for the 2nd term meeting on ‘Marvin’. Programme is also on Wiki.
  • Professional development for Principals – format as today discussed & to continue at next meeting. Topic will be interactive boards.
  • Other – Nil

Professional Development – Differentiated learning PD with Michelle Sims

Power point & handouts relating to differentiated learning, how to implement it as teachers & especially how to integrate with gifted & talented kids.