About Me Poem
Teaching and learning sequence
  1. The class were shown how to take photographs with a digital camera.
  2. In pairs the students took photographs of each other in the playground. They were encouraged to be creative with their shots.
  3. The teacher showed several students how to download photos on to the computer. These students took on the role of 'experts' and helped to teach each pair how to download their photos and save them on the server.
  4. The students followed written instructions on how to insert their photograph in a Word document, and resize it. The 'experts' supported them with this process.
How to insert your photograph (Word 38KB)
  1. Each student then wrote an acrostic poem about themselves. They selected words beginning with each letter in their name to describe themselves. They typed their poem beneath their photograph in the Word document.
Super Ashleigh (Word 177KB)Upside down Anastasia (Word 266KB)Relaxation (Word 231KB)Sitting Jeremy (Word 180KB)Time to go (Word 261KB)The flying king (Word 261KB)
  1. The students printed out their poems and shared them with the class. The poems were also used as a title page for their profile books.
Janet Cummings
Te Wa