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if you have a old laptop you will also need to download Net framework.Click Here
Free Graphics program. Simple version of PhotoShop. Great for cutitng out parts of a photo and pasting them on another photo. Click on the link for example. paintnetb.jpg
Smart notebook
This is a large file so be wary it will take a few minutes. 78mb
This is a wonderful bit of software that can be used with interactive whiteboards. it can also be used a projector and laptop. it ha some great tools like animated spinning dice for your maths lesson and a whole lot of tutorials to help your children.
Click here to install

Or here to download the ZIP file.
A stick man animator. really easy to and the kids love it
Cool Timer
Neat little timer for your class. great with projector, interactive board or just on your laptop. has customizable alarm sound.
Cute PDF
Changes any office document into a PDF file.
Created animated slideshows from your own photos. add narration, music and effects.
Google Desktop
can't remember where you put that file? use google desktop to search your My Documents. very handy when you start to get heaps of folders and files.
Yahoo Widgets
All sorts of fun and useful tools that plant them self on your desktop. Calendars, weather updates, timers, diaries, post it notes...
Kristal Audio
Music recording, mixing and mastering software. do it like the pros. kids will love it.
Convert audio files, remove sections and combine tracks.
The Hat
Gives you a random list from a list you create. great for lots of things in the classroom. print them out or have them up on the projector.
Photo editing software. has effects, croping...
Sony Acid Express
Free audio Music creating software. Similar to Garage Band
Free virtual painting program. Very Cool!!!! a must download
Google Earth

Buzz 3d`video Converter
compresses video files for use on blogs and wiki.
Simple ABC and MAths software (Free) Great for juniors

Download Kaspersky 2014